tow truck Vienna VALearning the basics of towing a car is an essential skill that everyone should have. Today, there are several methods you can use to tow a car; however, the method you choose should fit all the conditions. Notably, not every method applies in every situation. In this article, therefore, we will discuss how to properly use a vehicle. Let’s jump into it.


  1. By use of Tow straps or chain

Towing a vehicle with a tow strap should always be the last resort. Besides, this method of towing is reserved for a short distance. If you decide to go with this method, before you hit the road, inspect the strap for any default. Any slight snap under the towing stress may lead to a dangerous situation. Ensure the strap isn’t too short nor too long. While towing the car, use the least speed possible. Instant breaks are discouraged, as the car will be in neutral. 

  1. How to Tow a Car with a Dolly

Towing using a dolly is one of the most popular methods. Using dollUsingps keeps the broken vehicle’s front tires up off the ground and reduces both driveline and tire wire and tear. This method eliminates pushing of the rear car while braking. Not only are the tow dollies lightweight, but also provides safety. 

  1. How to Tow a Car with a Tow Bar

Apart from the tow dolly, tow bar is another way of towing car to car. The A-frame design is mounted to the tow vehicle via the rear mounted hitch. 

Precaution is of essence while using the tow bar. Since chains are used to attach the bar, maintain caution while simultaneously turning and breaking. Tow bars are prone to pushing while the rear vehicle is in momentum.  

  1. How to Tow a Car with a Trailer

Towing a car with a trailer is not only considered the safest but also the best towing method. This method requires the use of either an open or closed truck since the combined weight of the vehicle exceeds any passenger car. While towing, maintain the most negligible speed since the towing vehicle may struggle to brake effectively.


  1. How to Drive Safe while towing.

Due to the extra weight of the vehicle being towed, drive slower than usual. Leave adequate space between the cars. Try to avoid any instances of emergency breaks. The rotors and pads should always be up to the task. Make good use of your mirrors and turn signals. Exercise caution while changing lanes and avoid sharp turns. 

Finally, before towing any vehicle, be sure to check the manual for both cars. Improper towing can result in damage in the driveline of the vehicle hence void warranty. Do not forget to check on tow rating and payload. 

In conclusion, to determine the best towing method, you will need to perform the primary safest and method fact finding. It will be essential to know the towing rate of your car and search for the tow hitch. The wheel drive type plays a vital role in towing. Proper towing saves you money.